Dental Implants / 18.09.2018

A successful dental implant procedure should give you many years of comfort while eating and speaking so it makes sense to find a dental plan that pays for implants. Many consumers are faced with a tough financial decision when they need to replace their missing teeth: opt for a second place course of treatment that is more affordable, or invest in a plan that they might not be able to afford out-of-pocket.
Kids Dentistry / 29.08.2018

The government‘s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is available to eligible children between the ages of 2 and 17, and in place to help younger patients and their parents take good care of their teeth while lessening the financial burden of dental care. In this article we will take a closer look at the benefits offered by the kids dental schedule and why they are important for growing children.
Gum Treatment / 18.07.2018

Before we know how to get healthy gums, it's important that we understand that healthy gums are absolutely vital if you want healthy teeth. As such, you really can't have one without the other. Yet and surprisingly, gums are often neglected in our normal daily cleaning routine. Unfortunately, unhealthy gums can actually lead to all sorts of problems including gum irritation, bleeding, and damage to supporting bone tissue, eventually leading to tooth loss. That's the bad news. The good news, however, is that getting healthy gums isn't actually that difficult.
Uncategorized / 23.05.2018

Did you know that gingivitis is surprisingly common? In fact there's a good chance you've either had it in the past, or are currently showing signs of gingivitis. Yet, because of the fact that symptoms are generally painless and mild, it often gets ignored. The issue with this strategy is that gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease and if left untreated, it can morph into full blown periodontal disease. Once that happens it can cause permanent long-term damage to teeth. That's the bad news....
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