How Long Do Dental Implants Really Last? It’s Longer Than You Might Think!

How Long Do Dental Implants Really Last? It’s Longer Than You Might Think!

Dental implants are without doubt the most realistic form of tooth replacement available today. Not only do they look and work just like a natural tooth but they offer the wearer multiple benefits as well. So why are people still reluctant to commit to them? The main reason is dental implants cost.

Typically it’s agreed that the initial outlay is more than most other tooth replacement options. However when you look at the bigger picture, they are in effect a truly cost effective solution because they have the ability to last a number of years.

Dental implants over 40 years old – Really?

Now you may be wondering if we’re exaggerating this claim just to boost our implant sales, but honestly that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although we can’t give you a definitive guarantee that your dental implant will last that long, provided they’re properly cared for, they should last for 20 years and quite possibly a lot longer.

Here’s a fact – the current world record for the life of a dental implant stands at 49 years and is held by Swedish man, Sven Johansson, who is now 91 and has had his tooth implants since he was 42.

The reality is that each implant case is different and if you’re wondering can dental implants last forever, then it depends on many factors. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Choosing the right dentist

It’s been shown that choosing the right dentist can play a large part in the success rate of your implants. It stands to reason that an experienced clinician who has successfully placed thousands of implants is a better choice than a dentist who is learning on the job – and besides, who wants to be a guinea pig, anyway?

Here’s to your good health!

There are many types of dental implants but they all rely on a healthy mouth that is free from gum disease for their survival. It’s not just about having a healthy mouth either. Smoking is known to drastically reduce the success of tooth implants as are certain medical conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis which affect the health of your bones. A healthy candidate is far more likely to have better success and longer lasting implants.


Taking care of business

Just as with your natural teeth, it’s important to take care of your implants if you want to keep them for life. Therefore, you need to be brushing at least twice a day and flossing once. It’s also more important than ever to attend regular 6 month dental checks so that any underlying tooth implant problems can be picked up and treated early. Think of it like buying a new car and then taking it regularly for a service so that it stays in tip top condition for longer.

So there you have it! If you’re wondering how long does an implant take or whether you’re a good candidate then why not give our friendly receptionists at Smile Gallery Dental Clinic a call on (03) 8595 2632 and schedule your assessment today.

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