Fast TMJ Relief Treatments

Fast TMJ Relief Treatments

There are a number of tmj relief available for people who suffer from nighttime teeth grinding and the damage it can cause. Each case is different, and most people will find that a combination of treatments will help relieve their symptoms. Conventional treatments include physical restraints, drugs, physical therapy and even surgery in extreme cases, while alternative practices like massage therapy and TMJ specific exercises often bring complete relief to patients without the need for costly drugs or surgery.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards and splints are the first line of defense for those who suffer from TMJ. A mouth guard will immediately prevent further damage to the teeth allowing you time to sort out a treatment that will stop your nighttime teeth grinding.

Muscle Relaxants

As the severity of the TMJ increases, some doctors may want to prescribe muscle relaxers both to reduce the number of teeth grinding and jaw clenching as well as to reduce pain. If your doctor prescribes muscle relaxers to you for your TMJ, you are already in danger and need to reduce your symptoms before you do further damage to your body.


Along with muscle relaxers, anesthetics are used to help severe cases of TMJ. They are often injected near the jaw to help reduce pain. Rather than being TMJ remedies, muscle relaxers, and anesthetics help treat the symptoms of the problem, which gives you the time to begin working towards and actual cure.

Relaxation Exercises

Stress is one of the leading causes of nighttime teeth grinding. To help reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep, you should try to eliminate the use of tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol in the evening. A routine with a soothing cup of herbal tea and some relaxing exercises or meditation may help you unwind from the day and go to bed stress-free.


Massage therapy works for many TMJ sufferers. A skilled massage therapist can identify and work on trouble sports to help relieve the tension in your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders.

Jaw Strengthening Exercises

Jaw exercise programs are one of the best ways to eliminate the pain and damage of TMJ. TMJ pain is sometimes caused by one side of the jaw being weaker than the other is which creates stress and pulls the jaw out of alignment. Jaw exercises strengthen and stretch the jaw and help it relax during the night. To eliminate the condition, you need to address the underlying problem which causes the condition in the first place.

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