Dental Implant Care Tips

Dental Implant Care Tips

Dental implant surgery is the process of fixing artificial tooth in order to regain original dental health. Artificial roots are fixed in order to provide a permanent base for fixed replacement teeth. It is a popular and long-term solution which is effective to people with missing teeth, chronic dental problems or even failing teeth. Dental implant is a workable measure for teeth replacement because it exactly fits and functions just like natural teeth. After getting your first tooth implant, it is important to adhere to caring precautions and tips in order to make the surgery a complete success. These tips include:

Avoid Using Abrasive Toothpaste

While brushing teeth, you will be brushing your natural and implant teeth together. It is very hard to single out implant teeth to brush differently. When abrasive toothpaste comes in contact with teeth implants regularly it will lead to plaque and tartar buildup which may cause the teeth to wear out easily. Abrasive toothpastes contains grainy substances like baking soda which scratches the coated surface of teeth implants and wears them out.

Brush Your Teeth With a Soft-bristled Brush

Teeth implants are more susceptible to scratches than the natural teeth. Using a hard-bristled brush will result to scratching the tooth which peels out the outer layer and wears out the tooth. Adopting use of soft-bristle brush is therefore advisable in order to care for the implant and ensure they don’t cause any problem.

Avoid too much contact With Fluoride

Fluoride is known to contain chemicals that wear out the oxide layer of the implant which is a layer that protects the implant from any damage. Most toothpaste and mouthwash products contain fluoride and despite that they are in lower concentration levels, it is important to avoid taking chances and look for an alternative.

Floss and Rinse Regularly

Regular flossing is the best caring tip for implants as it helps to clean surfaces below the gum line. It is advisable to use non-waxed floss in order to keep the implants in place and remove any bacteria. After flossing, rinse with a mouthwash to strengthen the gums and enhance the general health of the mouth.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Dental implants require specialized care and maintenance in order to ensure they don’t cause any problem or wears out easily. Have your dentist check on your implant regularly to ascertain if it is still in place or not. Also, seek for professional advise on how to care and maintain the implants for longevity.

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