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Dental hygiene is invaluable during childhood to not only create healthy habits, but to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. As your child grows, it’s essential to teach them proper dental care and regular dentist visits. Smile Gallery Dental Clinic wishes all kids a healthy, happy smile. The first step in granting this wish is through regular, thorough check-ups.

Dental Care for Kids | The Formation of Healthy Smiles

The commonness of dental complications in kids can be contributed to a range of factors. Whether it’s too many sweets or ineffective dental hygiene habits, children are particularly vulnerable to the onset of dental problems. Although it’s imperative to establish healthy brushing and flossing habits, as well as limiting sugary foods and drinks, regular dental check-ups is the cornerstone of building lifelong healthy teeth.


Because children should start seeing a dentist as soon as their baby teeth begin erupting, it’s important to introduce them to the world of dental care. Even if a child is too young to be fully examined, exposure to the dentists office with all its mysterious sights and sounds transforms an intimidating experience into a non-threatening visit. During these initial visits, the child becomes familiar with the dentist while experiencing a light version of a standard examination.


As teeth begin to erupt out of the gums, the dentist performs a quick and gentle examination. The dentist may use a dental mirror to count teeth and look for signs of damage or decay. Once the child ages and becomes more welcoming to the examination, a more thorough investigation begins.

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Children Dental Examination Process

The life of a child is filled with constant changes. As their mental capacity evolves, so does many other parts of their body. Few are as dramatic and paramount as teething. The eruption of tiny baby teeth is often met with frustration and pain as this natural process isn’t the most pleasant. If this isn’t enough, a child must then experience a lifelong necessity, dental visits.

For both parent and child, the first dental examination can be an overwhelming experience. The staff at Smile Gallery Dental Clinic understands the delicate nature of this necessary appointment. It’s with this understanding we’ve cultivated a thorough, yet enjoyable, examination experience. The typical checkup involves:


  • Counting and keeping record which teeth have erupted out of the gums. As the child grows, loose teeth and incoming adult teeth are closely monitored.


  • Reviewing jaw development to ensure its growth and progress is healthy.


  • Analyse the various soft tissues of the mouth region, such as the throat, tongue, lips and cheeks.


  • Closely review the health of each tooth to determine if cavities are present.


  • Continuously monitor the bite pattern of teeth throughout the child’s development to determine whether or not orthodontic treatments, such as braces, may be needed.


At the conclusion of the examination, the dentist will provide you with tips and techniques to help maintain your child’s healthy smile. Tips, such as ensuring a healthy diet and confirming brushing techniques, ensures you’re doing all you can to safeguard the dental health of your child for years to come.

Fissure Sealing | Active Prevention and Cavity Protection

Have you ever wished there was a way to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay? While dental hygiene habits play a direct role in preventing minor and serious complications, sometimes the structural design of teeth renders them vulnerable. To rectify this common situation, your dentist may suggest what’s known as fissure sealant.


In many children, their premolars and molars aren’t flat at the top. Instead, the teeth have divots and pits, which end up like little food traps. Fissure sealant is a liquid brushed on the surface of a child’s adult molars. Once applied, the coating stays on the teeth for years. By sealing these grooves and pits, the risk of developing bacteria, and ultimately tooth decay, is significantly reduced as food is unable to become trapped. This is a pain-free procedure suitable for almost all patients.

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Waiting to visit a dentist until your child has tooth pain means you’ve waited too long. Although their teeth may have just erupted, the key to prolonged dental health is regular checkups with our professional dentists in Box Hill.

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Extremely important. Routine visits keep your teeth looking great, but also assist in early detection of serious complications, such as tooth decay or even oral cancer.

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