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The art of orthodontics is a specialised form of dentistry designed to correct misaligned, crooked teeth. While the aesthetic value of straightened teeth drives many to the dental clinic, orthodontic braces serves a functional purpose. Without correction, what may begin as a cosmetic downside can transform into serious complications, such as tooth decay, chewing issues and pain throughout your head.

Understanding Orthodontic Braces

While exact treatment protocols varies based upon the complexities of your condition, the cornerstone remains the same: to swiftly, and effectively, correct the appearance and function of your teeth. A common misconception is braces are only for children between the ages of 10 and 14. While this is a standard age to begin dental correction, adult orthodontics is just as effective and important.


With over 40 years of combined experiences, dentists offer the orthodontic services capable of transforming the look, feel and functionality of your beautiful smile. As a member of the Australian Dental Association, our clinic proudly serves the Box Hill, Blackburn and Surrey Hills communities.


Traditionally, metal braces were considered the mainstay, however, modern orthodontic treatments come in a variety of options, such as:


  • Ceramic Brackets | Preferred by many patients, its clear or tooth-coloured design isn’t as noticeable as its metal counterpart.


  • Lingual | Also known a concealed braces, brackets are placed on the back of teeth, which hides them from view.


A popular option in modern orthodontics are clear, removable aligners. These non-permanent appliances fit over your teeth, and can be removed during eating. Typically, the aligners are worn for two solid weeks before switching to a new aligner.


Treatment duration varies based upon your individual case and type of orthodontic appliance used. However, it typically takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months to complete treatment.


How They Work | The Function of Orthodontic Braces

In essence, orthodontic braces work by placing pressure on your teeth. Fixed, or traditional, braces accomplish this by tightening wires attached to brackets. Throughout the course of treatment, the wires are slowly tightened by your dentist. Ultimately, the constant pressure relocates teeth to their proper position.


Removable, or clear, braces straighten teeth through a series of wires and springs within the mouthguard. Like its counterpart, teeth are realigned through constant, gentle pressure. Because of its design, clear braces are typically recommended for less complex cases or in conjunction with traditional braces.

Orthodontic Braces Procedure | The Pathway to Perfect Teeth

Generally, orthodontic braces require several appointments. While every patient receives customised treatment, you can expect:


Initial Consultation

During the initial appointment, you and your dentist will discuss your current dental issues and what can be achieved through braces. After an assessment, your dentist will take x-rays and moulds of your teeth.


Treatment Plan Options

After reviewing your x-rays and formulating the ideal treatment plan, your dentist will discuss your options. In some cases, permanent teeth may require extraction to make room for your newly adjusted teeth.


Installing Braces

Once an effective treatment option is chosen, and any preparation work is completed, your dentist will begin the installation process. Temporary bands, known as separators, are placed between your molars. After one week, permanent molar bands replace its predecessors. Brackets and wires are then installed and tightened. From here, you’ll have an orthodontic appointment every six to eight weeks throughout the course of treatment.

Achieve Your Greatest Smile

If you or your child requires orthodontic braces, the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll experience the confidence and comfort of perfectly aligned teeth. While many dentists in Box Hill provide orthodontic services, few offer the experience, dedication and compassion as Smile Gallery Dental Clinic.

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Do you offer Invisalign?

Considered the next generation of orthodontic correction, we’re proud to offer patients the state-of-the-art Invisalign treatment. Not sure if it’s the best choice for you? Book your free new patient orthodontic consultation today!

How important are routine cleanings?

Extremely important. Routine visits keep your teeth looking great, but also assist in early detection of serious complications, such as tooth decay or even oral cancer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods: cash, credit card and government vouchers, such as CBDS, DVA and TAC.

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