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Smile Gallery Dental Clinic specialises in the latest teeth whitening system to safely restore teeth brilliance. Our service options, which include in-chair and at-home treatments, wipes away years of surface or internal stains. Regardless of discolouration severity, we hold the experience, techniques and passion to restore your smile from beautiful to truly radiant.

Why Teeth Become Stained

Even with proper dental care, most people will experience some level of dental discolouration. Eventually, your teeth may shift into a not-so-beautiful colour for a variety of reasons:


  • Food and Drink | Do you enjoy a nice morning cup of coffee or tea? How about a glass of soda during lunch? While they may quench your thirst and give you a jolt of energy, these beverages contain intense compounds capable of staining your tooth enamel. Over time, these drinks alter the brilliance of your teeth. Foods, such as tomato sauce or berries, also result in stained tooth enamel.


  • Age | As you age, tooth enamel thins. Eventually, the yellowish inner layer of your tooth, known as dentin, begins to show, which leads to tooth yellowing.


  • Tobacco | With every puff of a cigarette, your teeth are bathed in two stain-causing substances: tar and nicotine. While tar, as you can imagine, is dark, nicotine is clear until it comes in contact with oxygen. After which, it transforms into a yellow substance that stains tooth enamel.


  • Other Causes | Medication side effects, such as from antihistamines or antipsychotics, can cause teeth to darken by several shades. Another common cause is tooth trauma, such as being hit in your mouth. Teeth can respond to injury by producing extra dentin, which darkens teeth brilliance.
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The Opalescence Teeth Whitening System

Smile Gallery Dental Clinic remains on the cutting-edge of cosmetic dentistry procedures by utilising the latest teeth whitening system, Opalescence. As a leader in the industry for over 20 years, Opalescence delivers broad spectrum treatment options for minor and major dental whitening.


Unlike other treatments, which only treat the outside of tooth enamel, Opalescence safely eliminates stains from the inside out. The patented formula, containing either hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide, delves beyond tooth enamel to alter the molecular structure of deep-rooted stains.


In essence, the oxygen molecules attack stain molecules to release its bond. This gentle, yet potent, technology eliminates the molecular structures of discolouration. The result? Complete stain removal throughout the application area.

In-Chair and At-Home Treatments

Whether you choose an in-chair procedure done by dentists in Box Hill, or the at-home treatment, the process of reclaiming your smile is easy and efficient. The in-chair procedure takes an average of 60 minutes and is the swiftest solution to brightening your teeth.

The Process of In-Chair Whitening:

  • The dentist prepares your teeth by removing any debris and ensuring your teeth are healthy enough for the treatment.


  • The patented gel formula is carefully applied to each tooth. Because of its highly-viscous and sticky texture, the gel stays put and reduces the risk of it migrating to other parts of your mouth.


  • Unlike other whitening treatments, Opalescence doesn’t require UV light activation. Simply sit back, relax and within an hour experience the confidence of brilliantly white teeth.


The at-home treatment kit delivers the same powerful formula, but within a streamlined delivery method. Although final results aren’t as swift as the in-chair procedure, its flexibility and convenience makes it the ideal choice for busy professionals.

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If you’re noticing the brilliance of your teeth beginning to fade, or if you’re tired of yellow teeth smiling back at you in the mirror, call Smile Gallery Dental Clinic at (03) 9899 0288 and book your appointment today!

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Do you offer Invisalign?

Considered the next generation of orthodontic correction, we’re proud to offer patients the state-of-the-art Invisalign treatment. Not sure if it’s the best choice for you? Book your free new patient orthodontic consultation today!

How important are routine cleanings?

Extremely important. Routine visits keep your teeth looking great, but also assist in early detection of serious complications, such as tooth decay or even oral cancer.

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We currently accept the following payment methods: cash, credit card and government vouchers, such as CBDS, DVA and TAC.

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