What Do Dental Implants Cost? The Answer May Surprise You!

What Do Dental Implants Cost? The Answer May Surprise You!

Not so many years ago the only method of tooth replacement would have been dentures but nowadays your dentist is more likely to suggest dental implants. This is a procedure that involves surgically placing a metal post or screw into the jawbone to act as a support for a false tooth or teeth. While dental implants are commonly referred to as the gold standard in dentistry, there is a downside which many people find hard to swallow and that’s the cost.

So what do Dental Implants Cost?

Ranging from $2850 to $7000 it’s true to say that dental implants don’t come cheap but when you look at the bigger picture, then you may be surprised to learn that in many cases dental implants can be cheaper than other tooth replacement options. Why? Provided you use an experienced dentist with a proven track record in dental implants and provided you care properly for your implant, there is no reason why your implant shouldn’t last for 20 years or more. Compare this to the average lifespan of a dental bridge or denture, and you can expect to replace them around every 10 years.

Why get a dental implant?

If you’re not sure whether dental implants are for you, then it’s always best to speak to your dentist first, and an initial consultation offers the perfect opportunity to do exactly this. Not only will you be assessed for your suitability, but all of your questions and concerns can be addressed too. Dental implants are commonly known as a method of tooth replacement for just one tooth, but did you know that they can also be used to stabilise a denture or bridge to prevent it from moving? In fact with a variety of dental implant types, we ensure that you are given the type of implants best suited to you, whether you’re missing a single tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth.

So, what are the benefits?

Dental implants offer a host of benefits over traditional tooth replacement options:

Puts a stop to bone loss – the titanium implant fuses with the surrounding bone to give stability to the false tooth or teeth, in much the same way as a tooth root

Longevity – Typically and with the right care, a dental implant will last longer than a bridge or denture

Does not impact on surrounding teeth – Since implants are a stand-alone treatment there is no wear or tear on neighbouring teeth

Natural look – Implants look extremely natural and are aesthetically pleasing

Great alternative – Implants are a great alternative to removable teeth replacement options such as bridges and dentures

Confidence boost – A seamless smile greatly increases a person’s confidence

Eat any foods – Unlike with dentures, implant wearers can carry on eating their favourite hard foods such as apples and nuts

So Why the variation in price? It’s all about you!

When looking around at the cost of a single dental implant you’re likely to see a wide variation in prices. This is because some dentists will quote just for the implant itself (the titanium post) and exclude the cost of the porcelain crown or bridge. In fact, it’s worth mentioning here that if a dentist gives you a price for a dental implant without as much looking inside your mouth, then you should turn tail and run. Every mouth is different and every implant case is different, so there can be no set price.

As an example you may need a bone graft or a sinus lift before your dental implants can be placed, which will not only extend the length of treatment but also increase the cost. Implants are customised for your mouth and without taking a look there is no way of knowing how many procedures and how many appointments you’ll need from start to finish.

Comprehensive treatment plan

A reputable dental implant dentist such as Smile Gallery Dental will examine your mouth thoroughly, delve into your medical history, and ask about any medications you’re taking, before taking a series of X-rays to ascertain the depth and health of your jaw bone. In order to place dental implants it’s imperative that you have a healthy mouth and gums plus sufficient healthy bone which can support the implant. (Strangely enough, this factor is more important than age, and you may be surprised to learn that we’ve successfully placed implants into the mouths of many elderly patients). They’ll then put together a treatment plan, detailing what procedures will be done, and when, coupled with a realistic price for each stage. No nasty surprises here – we promise!

We understand that dental implants is a decision not to be taken lightly. If you’re missing teeth or struggling with an uncomfortable denture, then why not come and have a chat with our experienced dentists to see how dental implants can work for you. Call Smile Gallery Dental today on (03) 8595 2632 and take the first steps to restoring your smile, health, and confidence.

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